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The Kooks - See The Sun Acoustic tab

The Kooks
See The Sun

I've been waiting for the right moment to submit my first tab, and when I couldn't find 
tabs for this great song I just had to have a go at it! Hope you will like it.

This is transcribed form their acoustic preformance on NRK Lydverket in Norway. To hear 
and get the right rythm you should look it up on youtube, cause it's quite different 
the album version. Much more slowed down. But a great version!

Capo 6

[ Tab from: ]
 C             Am           Em             G

Use the riff above for this part:

Oh no! I didn't mean to say what I did say
All about lovers and how they should lay
That was never for me to say and say
Don't you see now how I pay

F                            G
I see the sun rising
                               Am  G   C
And all you see is its fall, fall, fall

Intro/ verse riff:

So come on up
Wasn't it you who said life was like a plastic cup
To be used and then disposed of
Yeah but thats no way to live a life like yours
Don't you see now how i pay

F                           G
I see the sun rising
                                Am  G    F
And all you see is its fall, fall, fall

Em              F                G                C    G
For all the times i never, never turned away
Em              F                G
And now she is there on someone else's arms [x2]
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