The Kooks - In My Opinion chords

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This is the first song that i upload. I hope that you like it. This is the not
first demo version this is from she moves in her own way single version...
Standart Tuning  Its a great song.. One of my favourite The Kooks song.

Chords used
Verse: A - C - Em - D use the tab that i wrote down
Bridge: A - C - Em - D (But with bar) with reggea rythm
Chorus: Em - C - D - A (but with bar) in this part rhtym is changing

A:  e-------------------------                    C: e-----------------------------------|
     b------------2h3p2-----                        b -----------------------------------|
     g---------2-------------2--                      g------------0---0h2p0-----0-------|
     d------2-------------------                       d-------2------------------2------|
     a---0-----------------------                      a---3-----------------------------|
     e-- ------------------------                       e--------------------------------|

  This is the intro But you play this til the bridge part.
     g---------2-------------2 ---------------0---0h2p0-----0------0-----0-----2----------|

VERSE 1:!!Dont forget!! use the tab til bridge part

A      C         Em
if only i could find
a little piece of my mind
A             C               Em
take you out and we'd sit
beneath the moon of what i think
A            C            Em
inside of you, i do see
you would love to be free
A             C                 Em
so take it now its your right
theres no need to fight

BRIDGE: Use Barre chords

A                            C                  Em             D
   take a piece of my heart for you, take a piece of my love for her
A                            C                  Em            D
   take a piece of my heart for him, take a piece of my soul

CHORUS:Use barre chords

Em                               C
       i tried once again
                          A                   D
        to get my opinion up in their minds
        their just far too blind
        taking all of me and put it in the bottom of the sea if they were right

Here comes the intro

VERSE (same as)

A         C             Em               D
if only you could find a little piece of your time

A                     C                      Em
i take you to a club where they strip

oh dont bite those sweet lips

A             C           Em
inside of you i do see
i know i know you dont want me to
A                 C                     Em                   D
oh cause everything's sugard up sugard up more than it seems


A                            C                  Em            D
   take a piece of my heart for you, take a piece of my love for her
A                            C                  Em            D
   take a piece of my heart for him, take a piece of my soul


Em                     C                    A                  D
   i tried once again to get my opinions in their minds

   they just dont have mine
Em                            C                              
   want my wish my life, as they sold by my side, shaddowy stain

(Start to play the intro....If you cant play play like this)
A - C - Em - D

A            C        Em       D
                              suddenly stays
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