The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way Acoustic chords

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She Moves in Her Own Way
The Kooks

Verse 1:

G*                 C*                   Am
So at my show on Monday, I was hoping someday
                 Bm     C*     G*
You'd be on your way to better things
                    C*                        Am
It's not about your make up or how you try to shape up
          Bm       C*   G*     C*       Am                 Bm C*
To these tiresome paper dreams.      Paper dreams honey.

Verse 2:
G*                   C*                                Am
So now you pour your heart out, you're telling me you're far out
              Bm   C*            G*
not about to lie down for your cause
But you don't pull my strings
          Am           Bm           C*      G
Cos I'm a better man, moving on to better things.


G       D            Am
Well uh oh, oh I love her because 
   Bm        D       Em
She moves in her own way
    C             Am
Well uh oh, oh she came to my show
        Bm    D       G
Just to hear about my day.

Verse 3:
And at the show on Tuesday, She was in her mindset
Tempered furs and spangled boots
But looks are deceiving, So make me believe it
And these tiresome paper dreams, Paper dreams, honey

Verse 4:
So wont you go far, Tell me you're a keeper
Not about to lie down for your cause
And you don't pull my strings, 'Cos I'm a better man
Moving on to better things



Em    D                  Bm   C*
Yes I wish that we never made it 
G*               F#/G
Through all the summers
Em          D                Bm    C*
We kept them up instead of kicking us
G*                F#/G
Back down to the suburbs


 G*     C*    F#/G
-3-    -5-    -3-
-3-    -5-    -3-
-4-    -5-    -4-
-5-    -5-    -5-
-5-    -3-    -5-
-3-    -x-    -2-

The G* is just a G barre chord on the 3rd fret.  
He uses the barred G in the verses and bridge, and an open G in the chorus.  
The verses and bridge also use the variation on a barred C*, but he uses an open C in the chorus.
All chords without an *asterik* are played open.
The F#/G in the bridge is just a brief rundown or transition from the barred G to the Em.

Feel free to message me with any questions.
I recommend watching the song on Youtube to get the timing and strumming corrrect.
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