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The Kooks - Hiding Low tab

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This is the fist tab a submit and i think its about 70% right.

The timing is a bit difficult on some parts so you'll have to fnd out yourself.


D    Bm   D    A

G    A    Bm A G

A    F#m    G   

Bm  A  G  A

D       Bm      D
Hiding low, low

Without you 

G                   A
The world can be so careless 

Tell me
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Bm    A     G 
What should we do? 

Should we 

        F#m       G
Play on each other 

Life ends 

In the end 

A    G     A
Life ends. 

Play the chords again only with the other words.

Gabble slow, now 
She told me of her eyes 
But bleed with me brother 
Like we're 
Friends till the end 
And I'll 
Put on my eyeshades 
Like it in the end 
Life ends 
In the end 
Life ends 
In the end 
My life ends.

have fun!

tabbed by krien de jong
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