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The Ladybug Transistor - Everybodys Missing The Sun tab

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Everybody's Missing The Sun - The Ladybug Transistor (Grin Cover) for questions, comments, additions, corrections


F                  Bb
working inside all day
Gm                     F
get your money go out and play
F                     Bb
get drunk and pick a fight
Gm                     F       Bb
sin works best in the night

everybodys missing the sun
everybody's sleeping through the afternoon
how can you have any fun
when everybody's missing the sun
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Dm             Am    Dm          Am
darkness feeds you, sin misleads you
Dm       Am        F
buy yourself some fun
Dm            Am         Dm         Am
swallow your prize and sleep till sunset
Gm                       F
everybody's missing the sun
        Gm                    F
yes, everybody's missing the sun

pretty girls loose in the night
bring you down to feel alright
i like to love in the sun
cause when you glow they really know


Dm       Am        Dm        Am
out all night she wants you longer
Dm        Am      F
how late can you run
Dm           Am     Dm     Am
it's sad for me to see , oh
Gm                       F
everybody's missing the sun
Gm                            F
yes, everybody's missing the sun

chorus X 2

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