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The Ladybug Transistor - Everybodys Missing The Sun tab

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Everybody's Missing The Sun - The Ladybug Transistor (Grin Cover) for questions, comments, additions, corrections


F                  Bb
working inside all day
Gm                     F
get your money go out and play
F                     Bb
get drunk and pick a fight
Gm                     F       Bb
sin works best in the night

everybodys missing the sun
everybody's sleeping through the afternoon
how can you have any fun
when everybody's missing the sun

Dm             Am    Dm          Am
darkness feeds you, sin misleads you
Dm       Am        F
buy yourself some fun
Dm            Am         Dm         Am
swallow your prize and sleep till sunset
Gm                       F
everybody's missing the sun
        Gm                    F
yes, everybody's missing the sun

pretty girls loose in the night
bring you down to feel alright
i like to love in the sun
cause when you glow they really know


Dm       Am        Dm        Am
out all night she wants you longer
Dm        Am      F
how late can you run
Dm           Am     Dm     Am
it's sad for me to see , oh
Gm                       F
everybody's missing the sun
Gm                            F
yes, everybody's missing the sun

chorus X 2

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