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The Leisure Society - Dust On The Dancefloor chords

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Capo 3

The tide behind the eyes that never shut

The restless legs that never loosen up
        F#m                 A
Oh the sweet smell of the blood
                   F#m         A             E
Though the heart aches she was not made to love
A               E           A
Another summer wasted on a boy

When shadows leech the colour from your skin

And team by team we split and start again
         F#m                 A
Let the old, cracked mirror-ball
            F#m               A            E
Spread the spotlight from the bar to the door
A                 E                 A
And visualise the roles you never played


E                        F#m
Brave words die on your lips
          A       D      E
In the wake of relationships
Eternal passers by
          A         D            E
With the reek of repeat on our hides
           D                C#m Bm D    
But we're reaching out from every fall
     E                 A
The dust on the dancefloor

Reflecting now his life is where he sits

An epitaph falls flat between dry lips

        F#m              A
What a great day for demise
       F#m              A                E
What a long road I have walked, just to die
 A                 E               A
To fall apart the way that people do

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