The Lilac Time - The Taste For Honey chords

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The Taste For Honey
By: The Lilac Time

Verse 1:
C                       Am        Dm
In our young lives we walk a lonely road 
Looking for home so we can run away 
C                 Am        Dm
But now I've found no key can set me free
Dm                 C
What can it be, locked up so jealously?

C                       F               G
And I got a taste for honey from your lips 
             C              F           G
And now every other kiss is just a kiss 
           Dm                           G
We get distracted, and love abstracted 
         C                 F        G          C
Since I got a taste for honey from your lips 

Verse 2:
C                       Am        Dm
By now we know the weather's going to change 
Dm                             C
But I will feel the same, groping for mysteries 
C              Am       Dm
I drove to you in a haunted car 
Dm                            C
To twilight at the bar of my life's complicities

Repeat Chorus: 

C                 F       C       F       C
Come to me,  ohh  yeah, Ohh yeah

Repeat Chorus:

Guitar riff:  C
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