The Limp Twins - Bitter And Twisted chords

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Author: pazof
Tuning: Standard

Chords used:
D:   x00232
A:   002220
G:   320003
D9:  x5455x OR xx455x
D#9: x6566x OR xx566x

Tab Legend:
tilde (~) means slide

Listen closely to this incredible song for the exact chord changes and rhythm, 
but this is the main pattern followed. I am not 100% sure for some chords 
(especially that D#9).

Play order:
Verse 1
Verse 2

Intro: D  A  D  A  D  A  D (single string, let ring)

Verse 1:
Well I need some time, to ease my mind,
and clear out the debris, you left behind
I need some space, to hide my broken face, 
'cause all these cuts and bruises only time will erase, I
need sunglasses, to hide my eyes, 
     G                    D
to clear the tears, and then... I'm gonna
  A                                  G
need the biggest bag of green you've ever seen, 
             A      D
to help me smile again. 

  D                        D9-D9-D9~C#9
When you left you took my smile with you, 
 G                                D
left me on a lonely day, that's what I must live through
    A                              G               D  A  D
I guess I'll get drunk, and play twister on my own.

Verse 2:
Feel like a baker, with no oven,
since you took away your lovin'
Like an honest politician or a vegan going fishin', I could
A                                   G
think of a dozen excuses, but the truth is i feel useless,
     D            A                D            D#9
I'd listen to my records, but you took them as well.

(repeat chorus 2x)

       A        G                   D  A  D
'Cause I see a bad moon on the rise.

Listen to this great piece of music to cheer you up on a sad rainy day :)
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