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The Littlest Man Band - Always Sayin tab

I've never done this type of thing before, but the fact that no tabs/chords of this song 
is a

crime against humanity. So I tried my best.

Here's the main rhythm guitar part that plays basically throughout the entire song:


And here's how the chords go during the verse:

        F#m                     F                 A
There's not a lot of difference between a foxhole and a grave

    F#m                       F                   A
But knowin' that you dug your ditch and climed in anyway

      F#m                            F                          A
Touch gloves, take your corners, and come out fighting when the bell rings

    F#m            F                   A
You don't get more points for all your suffering, yeah

That's basically it. I don't feel like tabbing the solo, since I feel like solos should 

Anyway, have fun
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