The Low Anthem - Ticket Taker chords

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Tabbed by Fojo

I'm pretty sure this is right, just play around with the picking.  I'm not sure 
what the G/C chord is called but here's how I play it...


Capo on 7th  

C/G - Just pick the second then the first strings 

     F			           C 
Well tonight's the night when the waters rise

       C       C/Am    F 
You're groping in the dark

    Am                                    G/C
The ticket takers count the men who can afford the ark

    F              C
The ticket takers will not board

        C      C/Am       F
For the ticket takers are tied

    Am                F
For five and change an hour

          G/C               C
They will count the passers by

They say the sky's the limit
But the sky's about to fall
Down come all them record books cradle and all
They say before he bit it
That the boxer felt no pain
But somewhere there's a gamblin' man
With a ticket in the rain

F    C       G/C             C 
Mary Anne, I know I'm a long shot

    F   C                G/C 
But Mary Anne, what else have you got

  F           C           C      C/Am    F
I am a ticket taker, many tickets have I torn

    Am             F           G/C              C 
And I will be your ark, we will float above the storm

Many years have passed in this river town
I've sailed through many traps
I keep a stock of weapons should society collapse
I keep a stock of amo
One of oil and one of gold
I keep a place for Mary Anne
Soon she will come home
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