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The Mae Shi - Run To Your Grave tab

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It's pretty repetitive...

E    B    G#m         F#
Run, run, run to your grave (x4)

              E               B
Cause they're coming for your brain but
          G#m             F#
They will leave with your head
                E         B
And they've got money and science
              G#m           F#
And they will leave you for dead

E      B      G#m           F#
Sleep, sleep, sleep in your tomb (x2)
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                E              B
Don't bury your body with your diamonds
               G#m                 F#
Cause you know they'll dig up your grave
               E          B
And don't hold on to your riches
               G#m           F#
Cause when you die, you're a slave

                 E                  B
And emotion is a simple test to the synapse
                      G#m                           F#
Don't let it fool you into thinking that you've got brains
                           E                  B
And the more you feel, the more you will take with you
                     G#m                        F#
So cut the flesh and let your blood flow to the drain

(Drum roll)

You've got to
Tear, burn, soil the flesh
God will do the rest
Scream, cry, pray, confess
God will do the rest

E       B    G#m   F# 
Scream, cry, pray, confess
E   B    G#m    F#
God will do the rest

Repeat to end
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