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The Maine - Fuel To The Fire chords

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You can capo 1 and transpose down 1 half-step for easier chords.

Intro: D# gm cm A#  

Verse 1-
D#    gm            cm           A#        D# gm cm A#
I got your call and now I'm here at your door
D#    gm            cm       A#      D# gm cm A#
False alarm cause your not here anymore
I had it all in my head wouldn't save you,
But you set me up again like you always do
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The more you treat me cruel oh
A#                       cm                 G#
It just adds fuel to the fire (fuel to the fire),
Its easy like you do but it
A#              cm                 G#
Just chews my desire (fuel to the fire)
    fm                         gm
You say you don't want me, I think 1stchords your a liar,
  G#             A#                    D#
Love or lust it just adds fuel to the fire

 cm    D#   cm   D#
(fuel to the fire) x3

Verse 2-
Sexy pics, you send to me on my phone
And now I'm here and I cant get you alone
I think I'm just beginning to understand
You just like having me up again

I make you think your the only one,
gm                       cm             A#       fm
but if we're not having fun then were done and ohhh

         C#   D#
            C#     D#
Fuel to the fire, fuel to the fire
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