The Mamas And The Papas - Look Through My Window chords

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Look Through My Window:The Mamas And The Papas.
#24 in USA in 1966.

E                        A
And the rain beats on my roof..
E                       A
and it does not ask for proof.

E                          D
It's not that lovers are unkind.
E                              D
She always said there'd come a time,
               G          Bm         B
When one would leave, and one stay behind.

E                             D
We both knew people sometimes change.
E                      D
And lovers sometimes rearrange.
              G        Bm      E
And nothing's quite as sure as change,
and the rain beats on my roof.

A               Dm      G     C               G
Look through my the street below.
Am             E
See the people hurryin by..
                                   C#m  Am
With someone to meet, someplace to go...o,
E                       B
and I know I should let go.

G                              F#
She always said, 'I'm not like you.
G                              F#
When love is dead for me, it's through.
           A#       Dm           D   E
And I will find and love someone new.'


G                         F#
I must admit she knew her mind.
G                                F#
And it will not take her long to find,
        A#              Dm       D    E
another place where the sun will shine.

E                        A
And the rain beats on my roof.
E                  A
If I still require proof.
E                          A           E
Well, the rain beats on my roof..she's gone
                   A            E
if I still require proof..she's gone..
Well, the rain beats on my roof...

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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