The Meg And Dia Band - Dont Be Careful With Me chords

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C, Em, C, Em
Am, C, F, Am, C, F

F, C, Em, G
F, C, Em, G

You've locked your soul and kept the key. I'm all yours and it's no secret. 
I adore the way your mouth moves when you say those three words, 
I adore the way your mouth moves when you repeat them, will you repeat them? 

Don't be careful with me. I'm not so delicate. 
I gave you my heart. I know the chance I'm taking. 
Don't hesitate in love. It can leave your soul undone. 
You can't stick your toes in the water. You gotta jump 
and finally go underwater. 

You're holding back and I can tell. When you only give half you're never whole. 
I am ready to trust your eyes in all this darkness. I am ready to see your sides 
that cause you unrest, rest them.
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