The Meg And Dia Band - How Much tab

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Meg and Dia
How Much
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E -    022100
G#m -  466444
A -    x02220
B -    x24442
C#m -  x46654
B/Eb - x698xx

Verse 1:
E          G#m              A                   B
  Sleep on now I heard that a knee makes a good pillow
          E               G#m
When your down And do you like it
When someone tickles your arm?
Curl your locks of hair round and round 
E           G#m            A
  You're so tired Let me straighten out your shirt
As your chest rises up and down 
E         G#m               A
  I don't get it either But somehow we'll learn
How the earth spins round and round 

A             B               G#m           A
  You need to fall Thats what people always say 
                  B                G#m              A
You don't know anything at all you haven't felt the pain 

              E                   B/Eb     B     G#m
When should I crawl When should I take the final blow
           A              B
When is it bad enough. To earn the right to show 
                  E                B/Eb    B     G#m      
How hard should I fall Before it's my turn to be hear
         A                                        B
How much pain should I show on my face Before you listen to a word

Post Chorus:
                 A                  B                       E
How bad should I hurt? How much is enough? how bad should I hurt?

Verse 2:
E          G#m                  A
  You just jerked I hope you're dreaming
But isn't drowning all we've earned?
E         G#m                    A                B
  I won't close my eyes till you lay still, and I won't cry
E                   G#m     A                     B 
  I've been through nothing I haven't witnessed a full stab
E             G#m                  A          B
  I need to experience something before I get laughed at

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus twice and Post Chorus)

Interlude: A--B--E(hold)

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