The Mendoza Line - Love On Parole chords

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C                F                 G
I was blessed to fight with you all night

I hadn't even know what fun
       Am                 F             G
Oh the war was dressed in scarlet and in white, like the whore of Babylon
C                      F               G
Shook your conscience, held it to the light, tried to see what was written on it
        Am                                   G
I said, "Baby don't ya think, you're being a little bit drastic?
          F                                   G
There are things in this world that you can't buy with plastic.
    Am                            G
You blew through your cash like a Klondike miner.
               F                                G
Someday you'll maybe feel the lash of the Intelligent Designer."

Oh, your doctor died, Baby
  F                         G
I believe he lost a-hold of himself
Oh, it wasn't a homicide
     G             F        G
Your doctor was in such poor health
And I'm a lot like him
   F                    G
I believe I've lost control
                  Am            G          F
And those are the terms of our love on parole

Am G C F 

C                          F               
Oooh, they found us out in pavilions of doubt
And cathedrals of longing and death without warning
        Am                      G
The room readied itself for that transfer of power
     C                                  G
When you rode right through in your penultimate hour
And said, "I can see the billboards and the history written large."
You said, "That was no-one's wedding, Baby, that was Picket's Charge."
        Am                      G
And for all of your talk of ending the fray,
                F                          G
There's not a part of your heart that would have it that way
        Am            G
Oh, ya couldn't make a cup of tea
    F                   G
Without a battle strategy
                   Am           G         F
Which doesn't feel right until it takes it toll
                  Am                            G          F
And those are the terms and conditions of our love on parole

C F G Am F G C F G Am G F Am G F

      C                             F
Oh, abrasive and unbearable, a half-step from hysterical
You stopped waiting for the miracle and started praying for the end
Oh, you were never less than charitable
But I can think of nothing so terrible
                F                  G
As to no longer be your lover and only be your friend

    C                            F             
Now I could never navigate your body's complex narratives
That which lived and died and lies in stains

And still suffered its imperatives
                Am                      G                      F
And anyway, I was never that interested in your heart and soul
                Am              G              F 
I just wanted to see you and make love on parole
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