The Metasciences - Four-color Love Story chords

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I'm not sure the key is exactly correct, but the progressions should all be just about perfect.

Capo 1

Intro: C F C F

C			     F
Another day at work is nearly over
C			            F
You must've seen the whole thing on T.V.
C                           F
Seventeen more city blocks and I can almost smell you
C                           F
Waiting at the windowsill for me
It's our 41st anniversary
   Am                    F
But we don't look a day over 23
Not in this life
Not in this universe

   C				       F
And we were still in high school when I met you
   C                    F
If you believe the continuity
 C                            F
I rescued you from robots and untied you from the tracks
          C                            F
And you pretended not to know that it was me
We didn't even kiss until issue 26
        Am                      F
And this world still feels like 1963
I love this life
I love this universe

   C                       F
And you'll keep my identity a secret
   C                                 F
And you will know the touch beneath my glove
   C                          F
And I may go out every night and risk my life for strangers
   C                            F  
But you're the only girl I'll ever love
        C                           F
And Gwen Stacy isn't dead, she's only sleeping
     C                   F
And Elektra isn't evil or insane
         C                             F
And those bastards in the pentagon can't really kill Sue Dibney
  C                                F
No more than they could kill off Lois Lane
And I swear to god there'll be hell to pay
  Am                  F
If anybody tries to take you away
Forget this life
Forget this universe
                   Am        F
You're everything I need
You are my life
You are my universe
And they'll have to go through me


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