The Middle East - Pig Food chords

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This is a very simply but incomplete tab for this song, please feel free to build on 
this should you figure out what I'm missing.

Chords used:
F#m - 244222
E   - 022100
A   - 002220

F#m    E             A
all my thoughts are dead

F#m          E          A
sunk in the ocean of my head

F#m   E          A
   they kept on crashing

F#m   E          A
   they kept on talking

F#m  E     A
  i canít remember

F#m  E     A
  much of anything

F#m      E          A
   been eating the pig food

       F#m   E       A
    weíre sick to the core

F#m    E      A
    iím under the influence

F#m    E        A
    iím under control

F#m            E        A
my body like coffin

F#m       E         A
inside, a few dead manís bones

?(As far as I can understand the lyrics)

As I said, simple and incomplete, but no one else has put up any chords for this song. 
So please feel free to build upon and improve these.
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