The Middle East - Blood tab

I noticed that all the tabs on here are definitely not close to the actual song. This is 
more or less the right way to play it, even though it's a little bit harder. Don't give 
up on the finger picking.

note* Before you slide up, when you need your fingers on the first fret B string and 
second fret D string, use your pinkie on the B and your ring on the D. This way, when you 
slide, you can keep those fingers in the exact same position and just add the other fingers.

Standard tuning with capo on fourth fret.

Chords(Don't know the names):
1st:   2nd:   3rd:   4th:

E|-3-| E|-5-| E|-0-| E|-7-|
B|-5-| B|-3-| B|-1-| B|-8-|
G|-0-| G|-0-| G|-0-| G|-0-|
D|-0-| D|---| D|-2-| D|-9-|
A|-3-| A|-0-| A|-0-| A|-7-|
E|---| E|-3-| E|---| E|---|



This repeats a few times then changes up. I will add to this as I learn the song, but I 
hope this helps!
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