The Midnight Beast - Daddy chords

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Chords   F6      100231
         F       133211
         Em/G    322003
         E7/G#   420100
         Am      002210
         G#aug/B 022110
         C       032010
         D9      200210

Intro    F6  F      Em/G   E7/G#  
         Am  G#aug  C/G  F#m7b5      (x2)

Verse(s) A baby's born in 1987
         Into a family of love and care
         His Mummy treats him like a gift from heaven
         His Daddy shows him how to style his hair

         A few years later it's a cold December
         And Daddy needs to buy some milk and juice
         Dad, I want a twix please, if you remember
         The final words wasted, if he only knew that

         Dad was running off with the cleaner
         She wasn't even fit, you should've seen her
         If she had big tits and no moustache at worst
         Dad would've never ran away cuz I'd of banged her first
         Dad's was running off with a refugee
         Before his son had even learnt his ABC
         Before his son had even learnt to climb a tree
         And incase you hadn't noticed Dad that baby was me

Chorus   F6                F        C
         Daddy, I'll never see you, Daddy, you'll never see me too
         Daddy, you missed my birthday, and I miss you every Fathers Day
         F6                F       Em/G                 E7/G#
         Daddy, I want to see you, Daddy, do you want to see me too?
         Am            G#aug  C/G                        F#m7b5
         Daddy, are you okay?, so I guess this is Happy Fathers Day

Verse(s) I wonder if you even got my twix
         You probably gave it to your Spanish bitch and them kids
         Sorry if you think I'm being racist
         But I don't want my twix in their Spanish faces

         Dad? Just wondering if you've ever felt someone else
         Rip your heart out put it in the fire just to watch it melt
         Cause that's how I feel, I hope you come back
         So I don't suffer from another snack attack

         Cause Dad, when it feels like your heart's stopped beating
         Some people turn to comfort eating
         I can laugh now, now that I'm fine but I was
         Cramming pork pies into my mouth five at a time

         Cheese strings and chicken wings, KFC and Burger Kings
         Onion Rings, I was eating all them things
         I had to go on Jerry Springer
         Cuz I was trying to eat my sausage fingers


Outro    F6   F   Em/G   E7/G#   Am   G#aug (warped sound)
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