The Mission District - Island In Ther Stream tab

INTRO/VERSE Riff 12 string acoustic play twice (the rhythm is not exact)

     D          Dsus2        C          Csus2    Gsus2     G    D


     D           Dsus2    C            Csus2      G  G    D

D                              C
A silver moon and a singing breeze
      G                                 D
I'm walking out under the stars
I light a cigarette and watch the smoke
as it chases my dreams away
I turn my gaze out to the sea
and watch as the waves come tumbling in
off in the distance an angel cries
as the ship of the line comes into bay

Am                     G                   D
I'm just an island in a stream I'm all at sea, come rescue me
I'm just an island in a stream I'm all at sea, come rescue me

Building castles and flying flags
and my lips begin to sting
I feel the sand beneath my feet
and my Halloween heart begins to sing
the flashing light warns of danger here
but the ship comes on sailing in
I run for shore and away to hide
I need a time and a place to think

I look around to find a friend for life
seeking refuge in your arms
splinters of ice thin sharp and cold
pierce my freezing skin
by the skill of your embrace
you show me a grave new world
and against the tide and dashed on the rocks
the ship of the line comes on in

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