The Mother Hips - Motorhome tab

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By The Mother Hips
Words/Music by Tim Bluhm
From the album “Later Days” (1998)
Tablature by Collin Spencer

Tab Symbols:
b   =  bend up (number after the b represents the target note)
r   =  release bend
h   =  hammer on
p   =  pull off
/   =  slide up
\   =  slide down

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   E      B      B         A


      E   F#7add4/E (2X)

**Note: F#7add4/E is a basic E chord shape shifted up two frets


E                   C#m
The piano scraped a note

       A     D     E
On the stage in Idaho


E                    C#m
It sounded like your sleepy voice

   A        D        E --> F#7add4/E (2X)
On the long distance phone

E                           C#m
The moon is gone or else he turned his head

       A            D            E
And the canyons dark and all eyes are red

    E                             C#m
But you don’t have to worry about finding your way

A / D / E --> F#7add4/E


   F#m11(no5)   E/G#         C   D     E
And  I   wanna  do something sweet for you

(**Note: F#m11(no5) to E/G# looks like this:)

(Notes in parentheses are optional, in the absence of a bass)

    F#m11(no5)    E/G#     
And I    wanna    buy you a 

(play intro over each 'Motorhome')    
Motorhome, Motorhome   

E --> F#7add4/E (2X)


E                 C#m
Someone has been caring for me

      A          D
While I'm asleep and on a [?]

E                  C#m
Was that you oh my far away

   A      D            E --> F#7add4/E
Surfer Girl caring for me?

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Intro]

E --> F#7add4/E (hold)


Chord Shapes

E          [022100]
B          [x24442]
A          [002220]
F#7add4/E  [044300]
C#m        [x46654]
D          [xx0232]

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