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The Movement - Sweet Summertime chords

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			  Sweet Summertime - The Movement
Tabbed by:Croady


This one is just A#,F.
A#              F
Got a message on the phone today /
All they had to say /
My summertime it had gone away /
Make room for the winter /
It will be okay /
A#             F
But when the sun goes down /
It turns my smile to a frown /
I canít stop spinnin all around /
I wanna fall to the ground /
But we all must walk this road sometimes /
Yes we all must walk this road sometimes /
We cry / 

A#                  F
As we waitiní for the sweet summertime /
Yes itís so sublime /
Grab the tequila donít forget the lime /
Put your name on my bottle /
So I know youíre mine /
When the snowís gone, melted away /
All I have to say is /
When you feel it you just got to play /
Hear the reggae music and you feel okay /

And when youíre in the sweet sunshine /
When you see that sign /
Feel the rays of the sun on your face /
And you know that youíll be just fine /

I found a message in the bottle /
I donít know if itís mine /
And now Iím searching for the meaning /
Looking in between the lines /
While Iím reading every letter /
And Iím staring at the sign /
Searching for a piece of that sweet summertime /

I wanna be it /
Wanna believe it /
I wanna open up my eyes I wanna see it /
I wanna feel it in my soul, heart, body, and mind /
I wanna get up for that sweet summertime /


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