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The Movement - Another Mans Shoes chords

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		 Another Man's Shoes - The Movement
Tabbed by:Croady


This could be my favorite movement song...cause its got the boss of the sauce on 
it! All it is G,Bm,A

G             Bm                A
Steal from Ďem when youíre late for rent /
Knowiní when you get it that itís dated, spent /
But still you keep on tickin never watchin the game /
And every day your livin seems almost the same /
Got to keep you head up, hard to breathe down there /
At the bottom of the ocean baby nobody cares /
But you keep on rollin when they keep on reelin /
And if you catch the sun /
You know you might catch that feelin /
But you / 

G                 Bm               A
You never know when that feelin may go /
And sometimes /
Youíll never realize the fire in your eyes /
You may never ever walk in another manís shoes /
But still you gotta /
Taken the time find your mind /
Find a reason to choose /

Give to 'em when they want they need /
Steppin on the other side watch ya feet /
But still ya see G.L.A.S.S. /
When youíre cut you bleed /
And everybody knows /
You canít believe what you read /
Got to step aside if ya wrong ya wrong /
But if you turn the other cheek /
Would we all get along /

It's the same question /
We all keep crying /
Or do you know the answer /
And we all keep denying /
But you /



6 billion in the world today /
People fighting and their fussing /
Earth rottin away /
Now itís gotten to the point and I was wantin to say /
Take a minute stop, relax and pause and pray /
You canít dance with the devil in the pale moon light /
Whoís wrong, whoís right, you /
I donít wanna fight you /
wanna stand tall, gotta be the role model /
But itís hard to find the answer in the bottom of a bottle /
But you/



Let's shed a little light on this situation /
I got nothing left, but the time I'm wasting. /
I got nothing left to give but the flavor you're tasting /
trying to run fast but the rats are racing /
and I'm chasing these dreams like I'm chasing these papes /
like I'm chasing the times that are changing your fate /
All you need is a lil elbow grease when you're scraping by trying to rise rise til 
you scrape the sky /
So pick me up pick me up get high , high /
So pick me up pick me up get high, high /


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