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The Murdocks - Easter Moon tab

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I think it sounds better with powerchords, but your call.

dead notes and A, hit open b and e also

Passing through the rocky mountains friends

I met a girl in my dreams

She was a goddamned beauty queen

Put the whole damn town in screams

A                                G                      D
I said little little, girl girl, tell me what do you say

A                              G                              D    
She said mommy and her cohorts hate me cause they want my ways

A                       G                        D
And daddy always hits me saying Im a big disgrace.

Darling won't you wait one minute now

Why do they treat you bad?

I don't really know friend

Tell ya right now things have always been this sad

A                           G                            D
She said when I am queen boy things are gonna turn around

A                                G                         D
I'm gonna take this goddamn world and burn it to the ground

A                              G                       D
When all the ones that hurt me aint nowhere to be found

I think it was an easter moon my friends

When her daddy took her far away

She was crying then he got scared
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Gotta do something, what would all my rich friends say?

And so he shut her up, cut her up
G                            D
And put her in a hiding place

A                                     G                         D
He said serves the bitch right always acting like a big disgrace

A                                      G                      D
And then he shoved momma's dinner in his big fat fucking face.

A              G               D
You can stay forever here by me

A               G                D
I'll be yours forever if you please.

A                G                  
Cause every night the rain it comes

A               G            
Every night the rain it comes 

A                G                    D
Every night the rain comes down on me.

Passing through the cemetary yard one day

I met her laying in a grave

I said, Damn little girl in this whole damn world

You're the only one I wish was saved.

A                              G                           D
I said little little girl girl sorry that they put you down.

A                               G                  D
And I kick myself everyday wishing I had been around

A                               G                                D
She said hold me to the sky boy, and I will hold you in the ground.
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