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The Music - The Spike tab

This is the pretty basic chord sequence that Rob plays during the chorus:

Sure you can get the strumming pattern for yourself:
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E |-------------------------------------------------------|
B |--55555555-55559999-1212121212121212-1212121213131313--|
G |--55555555-55559999-1212121212121212-1212121213131313--|
D |--55555555-55559999-1212121212121212-1212121213131313--|
A |--33333333-33337777-1414141414141414-1414141415151515--|
E |-------------------------------------------------------| [x2]

E |---------------------------------------|
B |--55555555-99997777-77777777-66665555--|
G |--55555555-99997777-77777777-66665555--|
D |--55555555-99997777-77777777-66665555--|
A |--33333333-77775555-55555555-44443333--|
E |---------------------------------------| [x2]
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