The Music - Inconceivable Odds tab

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I took this tab from the youtube's video where is Rob singin, just saw the chords 
and here they're...

C   : 332010
A#5 : x133xx
Am  : x0221x
F   : 133210
G   : 355430

VERSE 1-------------------------------------

C             A#5
Lay down your injured arms

Am                F
Cos we've come so far as one

C      A#5         Am              F
Dig me out of here so on my back I feel some sun

C                A#5
Flee the darkness of this hour

Am                F
Leave the modern world behind

C           A#5
My life's a burning tower

Am                F    bend to     G
The walls are the hills we climb


C                    F                 Am
How do I fight these inconceivable odds

From bringing me down?

C                  F                  Am
The drive for explanation grips us all

And pins us to the ground

C         F                  Am
If I ever leave your side unattended

Exposed to the fall

C         F                   Am
If I ever leave your heart undefended

Your back to the wall



VERSE 2 (Same as verse 1)--------

Everyone must exist alone
we all run races with no ending
my thoughts are synchronised
to a clock with no time
The hearts of men will be corrupted
Abandoned by themselves
Life makes their minds destructive
frightened by the trigger inside


OUTRO (Fade out the BRIDGE)
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