The Mygales - Daddy Oh chords

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Daddy Oh
by The Mygales (music and lyrics by Fabrice Perotto)

Am C G

                   Am C G
I'm glad to be here
Lucky Luke is happy too
Paul is not an octopus
Carlos ride the drums

G                 Am         C         G
More water in the sea (daddy ih, daddy oh)
More stars in the sky (daddy ih, daddy oh)
More salt in my soup (daddy ih, daddy oh)  
More Champagne in my glas (daddy ih, daddy oh)

All my life is so easy
Thank's for all my rich dady
      C               F
I'm grooving in this leisure suit
Damn! my iphone is ringing
I certainly forget something
C                           F
Sorry dear I have to leave
It's golf-time now!
     G       F      G
Dady ih dady oh

                   Am ....  
More caviar in my spoon (daddy ih, daddy oh)  
More cocaine in my nose (daddy ih, daddy oh)
More gold aroud my neck (daddy ih, daddy oh)
More money in my hand (daddy ih, daddy oh)


Less people on the beach  (Baby oh, baby ah)
Less clothes on your skin
More whisper in my ears
Your lips on my mouth

One fast car down the house  (daddy oh, daddy ah)
One copter on the roof
More diamonds on my watch
More girls around my pool


More disto in the sound (Jimmy oh, Jimmy ah)
More groove in my voice
More beat from the drums
More rythm in the bass

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