The National - Lucky You chords

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This is a really great song by a really great band. There's probably more to it than 
but I'll just show you how I play it.

Chords Used:
    A        Asus2        E       Eadd9        B
E|--0--|   E|--0--|   E|--0--|  E|--0--|   E|--2--|
B|--2--|   B|--0--|   B|--0--|  B|--0--|   B|--4--|
G|--2--|   G|--2--|   G|--1--|  G|--1--|   G|--4--|
D|--2--|   D|--2--|   D|--2--|  D|--4--|   D|--4--|
A|--0--|   A|--0--|   A|--2--|  A|--2--|   A|--2--|
E|-----|   E|-----|   E|--0--|  E|--0--|   E|-----|


| A | Asus2 | E | Eadd9 |

Verse 1

A   Asus2              E   Eadd9
  Every time you get a drink
A   Asus2                  E   Eadd9
  And every time you go to asleep
A   Asus2                E   B
  Are those dreams inside your head
A   Asus2              E   Eadd9
  Is there sunlight on your bed

Verse 2


A   Asus2              E
  You own me
    Eadd9               A     Asus2
  There's nothing you can do
                   E    Eadd9
  You own me

Verse 3



A   Asus2              E   Eadd9
   You clean yourself to meet
A   Asus2              E   Eadd9
   The man who isn't me
A   Asus2              E   Eadd9
   You're putting on a shirt
A   Asus2              E   Eadd9
   A shirt I'll never see
A   Asus2              E   Eadd9
   The letter's in your coat
A   Asus2              E   Eadd9
   But no one's in your head
A   Asus2              E   Eadd9
   Cause you're too smart to remember
   You're too smart
   Lucky you

That's it. I don't know why no one did this earlier. Great for beginners and experts 
All you need is to love outstanding music. :)
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