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The Noisettes - Atticus chords

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Atticus by The Noisettes

There are some fairly inaccurate versions on here so I thought I'd upload my own. Any 
issues, feel free to let me know, or just use this as a shell to build your own version off.

Ebm | G#m | C# | Ebm Bb | G# | 
G#m | C# | Eb

To kill a mockingbird
Is to silence the song
Ebm              F#
That seduces you
           G#m                      Bb       Ebm
'cause you need that desire in your heart to survive
        G#m                    Bb              Ebm
And you need that burning fire in your soul to know
       Bb       G#
You're still alive
So catch me when I fall
         Bb              Ebm
Or did I dive at your delight?

                  G#m     C#
In my heart I can fly
               Ebm    Bb  G#
And I cannot disguise my love
             G#m    C#
There is no time
And I wouldn't know how
                 G#m      C#
Constellations tonight
                    Ebm     Bb  G#
Are so fiercesomely bright, my love
          G#m      C#
I have no fear
I am Atticus now

Repeat Verse and Chorus x1


                G#m    Bb      Ebm
So why don't we fall into the waves?
                     G#m             Bb    Ebm
Can't you see how my heart yearns to misbehave?

Repeat Chorus and Bridge.

Hope you enjoyed.

Tab by Siobhan B
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