The Novel Ideas - Saint Marie chords

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Saint Marie
Chords and Lyrics by Daniel Radin

|- x---------x----------x---------x
Csus2    Bm#5        Em7       F#/G
(The same chords repeat for most of the song)
Intro: G

Was it something I said?
That made this seem like such a mess
Told you I was content
And you said that's less than perfect

Now my hands are both tied
G                                         Csus2
But my arms are open wide
G                                    Em7
And the demon by my side
G                                    Csus2
Well she is what I'll leave behind
G                                       Em7

Em7    G
Csus2      G
Em7   G
Csus2      G

Now that things have improved
G                               Csus2
Might be possible to lose
G                               Em7
Every ounce of what we knew
G                              Csus2
Till we're both drained of the truth
G                              Em7

Tread my feet in the road
Watch them worked down to bone
And the blanket is cold
And i am more than alone


Every hour you spent
          Bm#5   F#/G    G
And every stitch you thread
          Bm#5   F#/G     G
Made it easy when, when it was time
            Bm#5 F#/G  G                    Bm#5   Csus2           
To move ahead


New machines, beauty queens
Csus2 G                  Em7       G
Send my heart, out to see
Csus2             G      Em7       Csus2              
When you left, with no pretense
           G         Csus2           G
Oh Saint Marie, just leave me be
Csus2  G    Bm#5 Csus2                         G

Oh x2
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