The Octopus Project - Mmaj tab

Arist: The Octopus Project
Title: Mmaj
Album: Hello, Avalanche
Official Site:

Tabbed by: Marko Babic

Not much to tab but here it is.

Main Riff 1 (the one that opens the song):

(staccato as appropriate)


Main Riff 2:

(again, staccato as appropriate)


Background riff:

*note 7h8 means play 7 on the appropriate string then hammer on to 8 on the
same string*


The last synthy riff played at the end cannot really be duplicated on guitar
as the layering is too thick and you have two octaves being played at once
along with some white noise and other harmonics.  Here is the gist of it:


Move that into whatever octave makes you happy.
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