The Olivia Tremor Control - Courtyard tab

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Courtyard by Olivia Tremor Control (from Dusk at Cubist Castle)
Tabbed by James Hiller ( with questions or corrections)

This is a fun song for its use of dominant 7th chords and the progression is just brilliant.

Key: G (if you want to play with the record I believe it's std tuning, tuned down about 

Chords Used: G, G7, G7sus4, A, A7, A7sus4, C, C7, C7sus4, Em, D/D7

I.  Intro (2 runs) + la, la, la, de da (notes: A B G A G).

 G, G7, G7sus4, A, A7, A7sus4, C, C7, C7sus4

II. Verses

G                A         A7                C         C7
here's your ticket, you better be-lieve  (better believe it's true)?

G                A     A7           C         C7
long live the life we led at 2-10   (two one ooh that's you)?

G                A     A7                        C          C7
we're on a journey so you'd better run?

G                A     A7          C         C7
try to get to your train on time

II.  Chorus

Em             A7                       Em
i'm always going back   (ahhh)

Em             A7                       Em
always going back to    (ahhh)

Em             A7                          D
always going back to where you are

(ahhh)        A7                              Em
              down in the courtyard   (ahh)

Em          A7                     Em
is where you'll find me   (ahh)

D                                    G
going back to where you are

III.  Bridge (maybe really just a post chorus)

...G....         C                Em                     A7
and there's nothing (ahh) that i can tell you?

              C                  D7
that you don't already know

            C                   D7                   G?..that you don't ..already know 

Verse 2
i might get away from these 4 walls?(i might fly away)?i might escape from what's 
me?(i might run away)?here in apple town is where i called you?here is where i called you for advice
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