The Orchids - A Kind Of Eden chords

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Em A D G
Em A D...

Em               A
What a wonderful time that was
   D                      G                            Em
I was happy with you and a life that tossed in the wind
A                               D...
Someday I値l toil to write it down
(same chords)
Yeah, one day I値l reveal it to you my love
Repeat your name, I値l never stop
You値l never know how much I care

Em                             A
What can I do when I知 beside you
D                               G
What can I say when I知 around you
  Em                           A                    D...
All of this for just one kiss, wouldn稚 change it for the worse
(Wouldn稚 change it for the world)

(most of the song are just these chords)
interlude: D G
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