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The Original Rudeboys - Written Songs chords

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Capo 2nd
This is just a simplified, easy to play version. I know the real version is made 
up of ber chords, but this is my first tab so cut me some slack! :P
Leave ring finger and pinky finger on B and E on the third fret throughout

Intro:  G Cadd9 Em7 Dsus4 

G               Cadd9                  Em7
And i'm feeling good, Cuz all I got is one night in your love, and it 
Dsus4                                 G
turned out just like I always knew it would. 
G               Cadd9      Em7                      Dsus4
And i'm feeling fine, so I wrote this song for you, true,
so you can hear my mind

It continues on to be G Cadd9 Em7 Dsus4 throughout the verses.
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