The Paper Kites - Leopold Street chords

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Song: Leopold Street
Artist: The Paper Kites
Chords by Panda
Tuning: Standard
Capo: 5

Intro: A....... D,A,D,A,E....A,D,E,A

Verse 1:

           E             F#m                 D
You were young, but your eyes were younger still

           E        A
When you found me there.

         E             F#m             D
And you rode down the street to watch me work

           E          A
Building tables and chairs.

           E             F#m        D
You wore white, we were married in July

       E          A
In a church on a hill.

        E              F#m                  D
And I cried 'cos you looked just like the winter

  E             A
Dressed in the light.


  D         A
Where do I go?

  D         A   E
What do I know now?

          A         D              E         A
With my sweet love gone, with my sweet love gone

Verse 2:
With my hands oh I worked the night and day
And I built you a home
And we raised our own children in those walls
Now they're happy and gone
And our yard it was colourful with flowers
That scented the air
And I watched as they slowly died away
When you needed me there

Chorus 2:
Who do I be?
What do I see now?
With my sweet love gone, with my sweet love gone

Verse 3:
You grew old so much faster than I could
And I knew you would go
Laid to rest on a Sunday afternoon
And you left me alone

Final Chorus
How do I live?
What do I give now?
With me sweet love gone, with my sweet love gone
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