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The Paper Kites - Kiss The Grass chords

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Kiss the Grass - The Paper Kites

Standard Tuning
Capo 2

Chords used:
E:   -001220-
A2: -00220x-
A:   -02220x-
A/C#: -00224x- (use your little finger to play the 4 here)


E           A2
Sweet daisy chain

Around your neck

Through your hair

         E    A2  E  A2
In the sun

E              A2
Sweet glowing skin

Kiss the grass

      A2             E         A2  E  A2
Golden air fill your lungs


A          A/C#       E
Slow down, let it all slow

Repeat the verse chords for the verses, and for the chorus (slow down, let it all slow), 
do that as many times as you need, switching between E and A2 in the intervals. Also 
use the chorus chord progression in the bridge (and our bones are growing stronger...)

Sinatra Blue.
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