The Park Bench Rant - Osceola tab

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Spinnaker (The Park Bench Rant)
Tabbed by Zack Richardson (

Intro- C 

C                     Am                      F
Tonight I heard a melody that made me want to sing 
                            G                                    C 
And think of everything and everyone that means something to me 
                 Am                  F  
I tried to write down exactly how it felt 
                           G                                C
To hold that pen in my one hand, fix a drink with the other 
    Am                F              G                              C
Osceola weíre getting older and this room keeps getting colder everyday 
          Am           F             G      C
And every night, every day and every night
                 Am                     F
I didnít want to play your records ever again
                       G                        C
Cause I didnít want to think, I wanted to begin
                 Am                         F
Itís nights like this when I am kissed with sin
                       G                        C
For drinking too much, I am starting to believe
                         Am                  F
That all those christian songs had my number dead on
                                 G                            C
And itís really sad when thereís nothing to believe in I said,
    Am               F                 G                              C
Osceola itís getting colder and we are all getting older everyday but
         Am              F               G      C
Mostly tonight, mostly tonight, mostly tonight
    Am          F
Osceola turn my shit luck on a dime 
       G                                      C
That I gave to a man that gave me a stale cigarette 
                 Am       F            G     C
And told me that I, I was right, I was right
    Am          F
Osceola you are killing me tonight
     G                                      C
If I get this right I promise Iíll close my eyes
        Am                       F              G
But Iím still sleeping with this steel under my pillow tonight

C Am F G C
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