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The Pines - Cry Cry Crow chords

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The Pines

"Cry, Cry, Crow"             Transcribed by Rob Clark

Capo 1st Fret

Am                     F                G                Am
In the morning, I buckle my shoes like a pilgrim
F                    G               Am
And make my way to the highway
          F       G         Am
In the silhouette of silos
F     G     Am
Cry, cry, crow

I love you, more than you'll ever know dear
Before I was born I could hear you
Calling my name from far away
Cry, cry, crow


In the distance, all the way from Iowa
The city glows like a beating
Heart upon the table
Cry, cry, crow


In the dome-light, wherever you are going
The hourglass your holding
Is filled with falling snow
Cry, cry, crow
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