The Police - Im Sorry Babe tab

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IM SORRY BABE                       Wrote by Blake Herman
                                     And Ethan King
C Am F G
   1. I still have flash backs of you and I
   2. I still have memories of you and me.

   1. The way you  used to call me babe
   2. The way we used to kiss and hug.

     F                         G
   1. Still I wonder why after all the memories we made
   2. And It still strange to me how we lost our love.

   1. Were the memories good are were they bad.
   2. Did my leaving hurt you.

   1. Did I do something wrong.
   2. Or did it seem to help.

      F                                G
   1. Sometimes it makes me sad thatís why im writing this song.
   2. Now Iím gonna tell you all the secrets I have keeped.

Im sorry babe
Im sorry babe
    F                        G
For all the time we lost and all the pain Iíve caused Im sorry

                                                                    Singer: Ethan King
      Guitar: Tyler Barbaree
      Harmonica: Blake Herman
      Drums: Hunter Seymore
      Bass: looking
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