The Poppy Family - Where Evil Grows chords

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verse 1

      Gm                 Cm        Gm
       I like the way you smile at me
      Gm               Cm             Gm
       I like the heat that enveloped me

      Gm          Bb             Cm
       And what i saw i liked to see

       I never knew where evil grew
verse 2
      Gm             Cm            Gm
       I should have steered away from you
      Gm                    Cm               Gm
       My friend told me to keep clear of you
      Gm           Bb         Cm
       But something drew me near to you
       I never knew where evil grew


      Bb             Gm
       Evil grows in the dark
      Cm                       Gm
       Where the sun it never shines
      Cm    F         Cm    F
       Evil grows in cracks and holes
      Eb                   Gm
       And lives in peoples minds
      Bb                    Gm
       Evil grew its part of you
      Cm               D
       And now it seems to be
      Cm    F     Cm         Gm
       That every time i look at you
      Eb            Gm
       Evil grows in me

Bridge   Gm Bb F Gm Bb F

 V3      If i could build a wall around you
       I could control the thing that you do
       But i couldnt kill the will within you
       And it never shows
       The place where evil grows

Repeat chorus
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