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Join The Professionals
The Professionals / The Looters / The Stains)
Written by Steve Jones / Paul Cook
From the movie Ladies & Gentlemen... The Fabulous Stains

A                               G
Yeah, I wanna see the world for free
A                    G
But I won't like the things I see
A                 G      F#       F
Up two three four really ain't my style
A              G
Call up callin once again
A                            G
The commies are coming did I hear you say
A                   G       F#       F
Who cares who knows maybe I will one day

D                           A
Who knows what you're gonna see
D                             A
Who knows when your turn will be

Join the professionals be a professional
D                      A 
Join the professionals today

This seems to work!
Standard tuning/power chords
I didnt see it coming...
The next verse uses the same chords as the first
I didnt try to figure out the intro or solo
I hope you like it.
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