The Professionals - Join The Professionals chords

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Here goes first guitar tab!

The Professionals - Join The Professionals
Written by Steve Jones / Paul Cook  From the movie Ladies & Gentlemen... The Fabulous Stains

INTRO:  E    G    F#     F#    x2   (all on A string)
B                               A
Yeah, I wanna see the world for free
But I won't like the things I see
B                 A      G       F#
Up two three four really ain't my style
B              A
Call up callin once again
The commies are coming did I hear you say
B                   A       G       F#
Who cares who knows maybe I will one day

E             G             B        B  (all on A string)
Who knows what you're gonna see
E             G             F#       F#
Who knows when your turn will be

Join the professionals be a professional
D                      A 
Join the professionals today

A kick in the head everyday for years
Won’t get me going there
A shot in the heart secretly from me
Do you really have a say
What goes on everyday
Does that country really mean that much to you?  (Not ‘arf)



BREAK:  B   B    B   B   B   B  G  G  (on A string)
Not so sure about the break to correction here!


CHORUS: (just bass & drums)
CHORUS x3 to end (stay on A for 4 bars at end)
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