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The Radiators - Good Things tab

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GOOD THINGS     (by Ed Volker)

Intro:   A  F#m

        A        F#m        A         F#m
I got a long road, some old photographs
         A     F#m             A
I got my bourbon, blues on the phonograph
      D                G       D           E
I got stars in my eyes, and it comes as no surprise
D                  A     D  A  D
I got a pain in my heart

       A          D A          D A          D      A        (notes: A B C C#)
I said good things, good things, good things, real good things
D                                   Bm  E              F#m
Good things come to those who wait, do-on't - don't be late
   D   E        A     F#m  A  F#m
Oh no, don't be late.

        A    F#m       A    F#m
I got a woman    on my mind
             A  F#m              A
That's a memory     so sweet and kind
D                    G         D                E
I just couldn't stay, and that gal she couldn't wait
D                 A    D  A  D
I got tears in my eyes

[repeat CHORUS]

Bm                 A
I want you to understand
Bm                    F#m
Come and take me as I am
Bm             C#m
Take a sad old song
F#m                      E
And make it feel like it belongs, it belongs

[instrumental verse x2]

[repeat first verse]

[repeat CHORUS]

        A       F#m       A     F#m   (repeat these chords until end)
I got a telephone   in my heart
When times get rough, I call her up
I got a bluebird in a tree
Singin' me a sweet melody
And I got sunshine, but I don't care
'Cause there's a feeling leading me there
Right on time, right on time...
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