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The Radio Dept - Heavens On Fire chords

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This song is pretty great, but no one has put up a decent tab/chord set yet, so
here ya go. Found this out myself by fooling around and looking at live tapes.

First, Capo 6.

The intro riff thing:


Now, there are 2 ways to play these chord progression, which is Bm, A, D, Am7.

One is the way the actual band plays it, which is like this:
    Bm     A      D      Am7

It sounds ok, but somehow in the recorded version you hear a rise from the A to D,
so I just switch them the A and D to barre chords.

    Bm     A      D      Am7           Am7
e|--2------x------x------0            --x--|
B|--3------x------7------2            --x--|
G|--4------6------7------1       OR   --6--|
D|--4------7------7------2            --6--|
A|--2------7------5------0            --7--|
E|--x------5------x------x            --5--|

(The barred version of Am7 is just to the right of it)

The barred versions of the chords all still sound good if you dont mute the B and high e string.

I havent finished tabbing the rest of the song, I'll update it when I'm done.
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