The Radio Dept - What Will Give chords

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The Radio Dept. - What Will Give

Standart tuning, no capo

Used chords:


Gmaj7 320002

D     xx0232

Dsus2 xx0230

A*    xx0220 (not sure of its name...)


G     320033 or 355433

A     002220

A5    577655

End of refrain

A*    xx022x

G     x2000x

D     xx023x

This is the beginning (piano playing) and also the verse, I tried to do it for the 
guitar (not sure, if the timing is accurate though, so listen to the song to figure it out, 
it's not that hard)

  Gmaj7               D  Dsus2 A*  Dsus2 Gmaj7


Gmaj7        D     Dsus2  A*  Dsus2 Gmaj7
Bloody but unbowed

Gmaj7                D     Dsus2 A* Dsus2   Gmaj7
You turn to face the crowd

Gmaj7                              D      Dsus2 A* Dsus2  Gmaj7
How can you bring yourself to even care?

Gmaj7                     D     Dsus2  A* Dsus2  Gmaj7
Show me a weakness if you dare

G         A
What will give?

A        G
Be sensitive

G       A
Keep it pure,

A        G
be secretive

G           A5
Of this I'm sure

G             A5
How I want to hide

     A*       G         D       A*   G  A*   D
Like Jandek before playing live

You fell on deaf ears
after screaming cheers
You'd seen it all before in your mind
You saw it all before in your mind

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