The Rank Deluxe - Poor Mans Cab tab

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G/D = 2

Bascially same simple quick chord change all the way through.

Em   G G/D Em                  G G/D Em
N21, N53, The worn out driver speaks to me,
                             G G/D Em     
We shield ourselves from the bright lights,
                          G G/D Em
Cut through the air like rusty knives.
                G G/D Em
Chavs, Rudies, skunks and punks,
                G G/D Em
Pissheads wanna converse amongst, 
                   G G/D Em                                      A        G
The beauty of this crimson beast is it races trough the midnight streets.

Em              G       G/D         Em                G G/D 
Pull me out and take me back you've got to get me home
     Em        G G/D  Em
In a poor mans caaaab you're never alone
A                                                                  G G/D Em
Got to get, you got to get, you got to get, you got to get me home

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