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The Reason - Were So Beyond This chords

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All Right, This is my first Tab, and I will go over a few things about this 
song first. I'm mainly uploading this because I'm pretty sure the other tabs
are completely wrong.

Alright, it took me far too long to figure out that this is in the F Major
scale. The keyboard part severely threw me off, which hits the keys A-E-C-
G-A. Obviously, starting and stopping on A made me think of it more as an A
Minor or C Major scale (They contain the same notes for anyone not familiar
with Music Theory). Anyway, I went through like 5 different chord 
progressions (in the A Minor scale) I thought the guy was strumming, and they sounded good by 
themselves, but when I played along with the song it sounded terrible 
(mainly because I kept using the G chord when the keyboard hit G, which uses
a note not in the F Major Scale). Anyway, the epiphany came when I figured 
out the chorus, and the B flat chord appeared and I was in complete shock. 
I first thought I happened across the smoothest transition from one scale to 
another that I'd ever heard, and then quickly realized my stupidity.

So I don't promise this is the exact way the guitarist plays this, but I 
guarantee you the notes that are being played are in these chords, because it 
harmonizes perfectly.

Also, this song is awesome, it makes me terribly sad The Reason has like no 
fan following. Just look at the lack of decent tabs this site has on them. :/


Intro + Verse:
As the keyboard progresses through these notes: A-E-C--G-A
You strum along with these chords:              F-C-Am-C-F
Then that repeats well into the first verse until you hit the chorus.

The electric guitar comes in with this little part here:


or it could be played as:


What ever is easier. That Repeats during some of the verses I believe. 
You can check the song yourself.

Pre-Chorus + Chorus riff:


The Dm is the high part he sorta hangs on, then drops down to the Am for like 
one strum, and then pops back into the B flat major. They do some weird barre
chord shit for this, which is probably easier to play (just sliding up and 
down), but it sounds fine if you just play it all by the head stock.

It's a pretty simple song, but I'm marking it as intermediate mainly for the 
speed; you have to be able to change between chords pretty fast.

I hope this helps, I tried my best. :D
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