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The Red Button - Cruel Girl tab

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"Cruel Girl" - The Red Button

Intro: (palm muted)

F#m . . . 

A . . .

D . . .

B7 . . . 


Cruel Girl

Why you gotta treat me like a fool, girl?
A                             D

Bring me down with everything you do, girl?
B7                                F#m

Break my faithful little heart in two, girl?
A                                 D

Cruel girl

Verse 1:

I know that I should go, I should walk away.
E            C#7                  F#m

But when I think of how things were only yesterday
E                  C#7                   F#m

It makes me stay


You were so sweet when we first met
Dmaj7                  A

Now you're so bad to me I just can't forget
Bm                        C#7

Chorus 2:

You're a cruel girl

I'll do anything you wanna do, girl
A                          D

I'll believe that every lie is true, girl
B7                             F#m

I could never settle for a new girl
A                          D

Cruel Girl

Verse 2:

What keeps me standing here, staying by your side?
E             C#7                    F#m

When the way you treat me girl only hurts my pride
E                C#7                 F#m

I can't lie

I can't forget the words you said
Dmaj7              A

You used to hold me now you hurt me instead
Bm                          C#7


Everytime I walk away I end up running back to you
D                       Dm                     A

It's true

Other girls would treat me better
Why you gotta be so cruel?

So cruel . . . ooooo



You were so sweet when we first met
Dmaj7                  A

But then your pretty face went straight to your head
Bm                             C#7

Chorus 3:

Oh, you're a cruel girl

No one else can hurt me like you do, girl
A                                D

But you know I'll always be your fool, girl
B7                               F#m

I could never settle for a new, girl
A                          D

Cruel giiiirrrrrl!
B7             F#m. . . A . .

You're so cruel
          D. . .   B7

You're so cruel

Just don't ever tell me what we're through
A                                  D

Oh, you're so cruel.
B7            F#m

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