The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Home Improvement chords

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G   5555
D   0002  or x57x
E   2222
C   x35x

chord "just use power chords"
G D Em D          or  F-c-dm-b-c ----- for lower voice

just have the timing..

Intro: g---d--em-C-D

Verse 1:
  A silhouette waits outside my window
D                                  E- 4 drop / Em- standard
  I jump up and I shout to see if your there
                    C             D
There's nothing but cold sharp air
  And I wake up, another day without you
  Take a breath from cigarettes
I got time to spare, its
            C              D
better when you're not here

G       D
Say you love me, you can
E/Em         C
lie if it is comforting and I
G            D
  Won't even mind it so bad
E/Em          C
  won't even find it so sad
G               D
Please see that I've changed I
E/Em                    C
sealed the cracks in my window panes
     G            D
And I, won't even mind it
      E/Em        C
so bad won't even find it so sad

just follow the the chord and have the timing.
tns.from tuguegarao CAgayan 

This chords and tabs used is also the tabs and chord for song entitled your guardian angel..

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